Our wireless network is extensive and stable, providing both uncapped and capped solutions to meet your needs.

Home Wireless - Our uncapped packages are truly uncapped – they are not soft-capped, they do not slow down as the month progresses. We give you a speed limit, and you can use as much as you want to up to that speed.
Business Wireless - These services are unshaped and uncapped, with a 1:1 contention ratio. Upload and download speeds are the same. Our wireless connections are used by a variety of clients, from small home businesses, to large multi-national corporations.

Hybrid Broadband - Our Hybrid Broadband is delivered via dedicated point to point wireless connection, using either carrier grade 5GHz, unlicenced 17GHz, unlicenced 60GHz, or licenced 8GHz radio equipment. Your equipment is then connected directly to a site that is connected to our data centre via fibre. This service provides a one-hop-to-fibre solution for your business where conventional fibre is not available at the moment.